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The Redemptive Cycles mission, to get more people on bikes, captures what Cahaba Cycles strives for day-to-day. We believe that getting people on bikes makes the Birmingham community a more connected, comfortable, and livable city. Bicycles are an affordable mode of transportation, which not only fight congestion, parking shortages, and pollution, but also boost individual health and fitness. We're excited to join forces and make the Birmingham cycling community the best it can be.

-Faris Malki (Cahaba Cycles) & Marcus Fetch (Redemptive Cycles)
How It Works:

1. Bring your bike into Cahaba Cycles 
2. We'll donate it to Redemptive Cycles 
3. You'll get a $25 Cahaba Cycles gift card!

Redemptive Cycles Four Principle Charitable Services:

EARN-A-BIKE PROGRAM // a bike for everyone in need.

SLIDING SCALE REPAIRS // keeping everyone rolling.

PUBLIC WORK STATIONS // do it yourself. keep your change.

MECHANICS CLASSES // teaching need-to-know know-how.