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Ride Fast. Ride Fit.

Cahaba Cycles in Birmingham, Alabama offers professional bike fit services for cyclists of all levels. We want you to be able to enjoy cycling. That's why we have ensured each one of our four locations has a professionally trained fitter capable of making your riding experience fun, safe and, most importantly, comfortable. If you are tired of an aching back, sore knees, or numb hands, call us or come by to set up an appointment today for a professional fit.

Professional Bike Fitting Packages

Improve every ride with a professional bike fit. Our Body Fit, Flex Fit, and Aerobar Fit packages are all guaranteed for 6 months and include complimentary adjustments for 60 days as well as 15% off any new parts and installation fees needed to complete your fit. Contact a Cahaba Cycles location near you today to schedule your fit!

*All fitting services are by appointment only. Please bring shorts, shoes and pedals to your appointment. Additional labor charges may occur. Parts are not included in fit prices.

Body Fit  $175

Please allow 1.5 - 2 hours

  • Comprehensive fit to improve power, comfort, and speed on a road bike
  • Detailed interview to understand athlete goals, issues, & objectives
  • Extensive body analysis by fit expert
  • Cleat, saddle height, saddle fore/aft, stack, reach, cockpit, handlebar, and lever adjustments

Flex Fit  $275

Please allow 3 - 4 hours

  • Comprehensive road, triathlon/TT, MTB, or cyclocross fit performed by John Karrasch, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Detailed interview to understand riding style, past injuries and future goals
  • Extensive flexibility and movement pattern assessment with customized off bike exercise program
  • Dynamic assessment and adjustment of foot/pedal interface, seat position, and bar setup to improve comfort, efficiency, and power
  • Flex Fits for additional bikes cost $150

Cleat/Pedal Analysis  $50

Please allow 0.5 - 1 hour

  • Installation and fitting of pedal cleats
  • Adjustments of fore/aft of pedal cleats over the ball of the foot
  • Alignment of pedal cleats with natural angle of your feet while pedaling
  • Cleat fit will help to prevent:
    • Hot spots
    • Numb feet
    • Pinched nerves

Aerobar Fit  $50

Please allow 0.5 - 1 hour

  • Adjustments to existing handlebar/aerobars to achieve optimal upper body position for triathlon riding

Bike Sizing FREE with Bike Purchase

Please allow 15 minutes

  • Guarantees the correct frame size
  • Ensures proper saddle height for comfort while riding
  • Only $30 for a bicycle not purchased from Cahaba Cycles

Meet Our Bike Fit Experts

Jonathan Robbins

Jonathan Robbins

Cahaba Heights

  • Avid bike rider, racer for 25+ years
  •  Over 12 years of fitting experience
  • Trek Precision Fit Certified
  •  Has performed 300+ fittings
  •  205-967-2003
Jon Bourque

Jon Bourque

Oak Mountain

  • Riding for 20+ years
  • Trek Precision Fit Certified
  • Has performed 200+ fittings
  •  205-987-4043
John Karrasch

John Karrasch


  •  Riding/Racing for 15 years
  •  Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
  •  Trek Precision Fit Certified
  •  Trek Triathlon Fit Certified
  • Has performed 500+ fittings
  • 205-427-9869

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