Cahaba Cycles Pre-Owned 2019 Trek Fuel EX 8 Small

Cahaba Cycles Pre-Owned 2019 Trek Fuel EX 8 Small
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This bike was in our demo fleet for 2019. It has been well-maintained by our service department. This is a great bike for all purpose mountain trail riding. Should fit a man or woman between 5.0 feet to 5.4" in height. A new Trek fuel ex 8 at $3400 makes this one a bargain. It also still comes with a manufacturers' warranty and a cahaba service plan is available to buy with this bike!

Each Pre-Owned bike we take in at the Cahaba Cycles goes through a thorough inspection and tune-up before it is put on sale. They come with our 30 day test ride guarantee, which at any time during that 30 days you can return it for credit towards another bike with us. Bikes being shipped out will have an extra shipping charge of $125.00. If you have any specific question about the bike please feel free to call the store in which the used bike resides:
Cahaba Heights 205-967-2003
Homewood 205-879-3244
Oak Mtn 205-987-4043
Trussville 205-655-6090

Part Numbers

TRE292292888 TRE292292888