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What customers say about John….

"John is extremely knowledgable about body mechanics, but what makes him special is that he mixes that knowledge with intuition, and deep listening to his clients. He has spent hours and hours (and hours) helping me find the perfect fit. I 100% would recommend him to anyone." - Meredith

"Just finished my fit with John - what a difference! My bike feels like a whole new bike and so much more comfortable. I can already feel my power is better with my accurate seat height. His attention to detail was awesome and I can't wait to log more miles on my newly fit bike!" - Stephanie

"Highly recommend working with John if you are spending time on your bike. We spend thousands of dollars pursuing our hobby and chasing our cycling goals. The time and money spent here was arguably the best investment I've made in years!" - Todd

"Do this!  If you think you don’t need a professional bike fit, you are wrong.  John spends so much time with you and it is absolutely worth the time and money to invest in yourself.  I cannot believe the difference the fit has made in my rides!" - Jasamine

"Everyone is unique. Every body is different, with its own quirks and creaks. With a meticulous propensity for evaluation and an attention to detail, John can take a bike and adjust what sometimes seems to be minute calculations, but that make major effects. Every inquiry John made over the two-three hour course of our meeting had a specific purpose. I felt comfortable with John from the start of our first appointment. He has an easy way about him that allows you to relax. He may be focused on calibrating all the minutiae of your body measurements, but he communicates each step of the process very well, so you know what is being accomplished. Plus, he has a wickedly dry sense of humor. My next bike (there is always a next bike) will make a visit to John’s fit station before I put in any time in the saddle." -Brooke Nicholls Nelson