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Project one

Custom Paint, Shorter lead time

Incite frame envy

You don’t have to settle for a standard frame that blends in with the rest. And best of all, you'll often find availability better with shorter lead times with Project One bikes.

Here’s how it works:

Choose Your Model --- Choose Your Paint --- Choose Your Parts

Then call or stop by the shop to talk to our staff about details and projected lead times for your dream bike. It's easy and awesome. Build your dream bike today!

Choose your model

Keep it on the road with Madone, Domane, Emonda or Speed Concept, or take your dream to the trail with a Fuel EX, Top Fuel or Slash.

Choose your paint

Thousands of colors and design schemes, from boldly simple to outrageously cool, are brought to impeccable life by the best artists in the business.

Choose your parts

You can spec every detail to your liking, from wheelset and group to saddle and cable housing, or choose one of our preconfigured combinations.

The big finish

After you’ve built your dream bike, top it off with some flair. Pick water bottle cages to hold your hydration and complement your ride. Add clipless pedals to increase the power of your stride and a sensor to measure it. Top it off with a mounted computer to track speed, cadence, and distance.