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TerraTrike Recumbent Trikes

Terratrike Trikes

Why Ride A TerraTrike?

TerraTrike recumbent tricycles are built to introduce people to the joys of recumbent riding. Cahaba Cycles carries several TerraTrike models including the new electric-assist Rambler E.V.O. Whether you're riding to stay fit, lose weight, or just for the fun of it, there is a recumbent trike for you.

TerraTrike designs and builds recumbent tricycles for every type of rider. The Rover i8 is a great introductory tricycle for those looking to ride local paths and short road rides. For the long-distance road riders, we carry the Gran Tourismo x16. It is equipped with a 24" rear wheel which is able to reach higher speeds. The Gran Tourismo also features the most comfortable seat available on a TerraTrike recumbent, ensuring you are able to ride as long as you like.

TerraTrike Recumbent Trikes

Part Of The Solution

TerraTrike believe that recumbent trikes are the perfect solution to promote better health. Every trike is designed to help people get out and ride more. Their recumbent trikes have been endorsed by the Michigan Association of Chiropractors as they help promote back health and reduce the normal strain from traditional bikes.

TerraTrike Recumbent Trikes

Wherever The Path Leads

Recumbent trikes reduce the stress of cycling by distributing your weight more evenly than a typical bicycle. TerraTrike recumbents go beyond stress relief by increasing the joy of riding and expanding where you can ride. The Rambler E.V.O. pairs innovative design with electric pedal-assist technology giving you an added boost for wherever your path may lead.