Recumbent Trikes

A New Way To Ride

Recumbent tricycles are a great alternative to your average bicycle. Their unique design makes riding one a remarkable experience. Their upright, seated position allows you to ride more comfortably. Riding a recumbent is easy on your body and lessens the chance of back pain. Since they have more wheels on the ground than a bicycle, they are more stable when turning or when riding at higher speeds.

Recumbent tricycles make riding more enjoyable for people of all ages and physical abilities. Like normal bicycles, they come in a variety of styles and brands. Our knowledgable staff here at Cahaba would love to answer any questions you might have and help you find the right trike for you. Visit us today!

Brands We Carry

We carry recumbent terratrikes


TerraTrike recumbent tricycles are built to introduce you to the joys of recumbent riding. TerraTrike designs and builds recumbent tricycles for every type of rider. Cahaba Cycles carries several TerraTrike models including the new electric-assist Rambler E.V.O. The Rover i8 is a great introductory tricycle for those looking to ride local paths and short road rides. For the long-distance road riders, we carry the Grand Tourismo x16, which features the most comfortable seat available on a TerraTrike.

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Catrike recumbent trikes


Catrike makes top of the line, award-winning recumbent trikes. Each model is uniquely designed and manufactured in Florida. There is a Catrike for every type of rider from the casual Villager to the speed ready 700. Catrike cycles come equipped with reinforced mesh seats to keep you cool and comfortable while you ride. The drivetrain is powered by dual platform-SPD pedals that allow you to ride in any pair of shoes. Catrike's direct drive steering will keep you in full control of how your trike handles. 

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