Sunday, July 21 - Homewood Location

  • Fully-Supported with SAG and Rest Stops
  • 5 Route Options: 65 miles, 45 miles, 34 miles, 10 miles, and Slow Your Roll Family Ride (<5 miles)
  • Post-Ride Cookout at the Homewood Store
  • Pre-Register by July 8th for $25* and a FREE Limited Edition TDC Shirt
  • Registration Price: $30, after July 8th
  • Slow Roll $15 Adult, $10 Kids 5-18, and Free Under 5

Register Now

*Registration for the 65mi, 45mi, 34mi, 10mi


Is there Pre-Registration ?

Yes, click here for registration.

  • Online registration will close at midnight on July 19th. 
  • In-person registration will open at 6:00 am the morning of the ride for the 34, 45, 65 mile options
  • In person registration for the 10 Mile and Slow Roll will open at 8:00am
  • Register by July 8th to guarantee your free Tour de Cahaba T - Shirt.

Is there packet pick up?

Yes, you can pick up your wristband and t shirt the Saturday before at our Homewood location (2834 South 18th St). Hours are 9am-6pm.

You can also register the dat before at the Homewood store. 

What if I need support on the course?

Call 205-335-5672, or 205-879-3244 and we will do our best to get a support car to you asap.

How much is the ride?

Slow Roll (Ride Only)
Slow Roll Adult$15 
Slow Roll Kid* (Under 18. Under 5 Free)
65mi, 45mi, 34mi, 10mi$25* 
Non-Rider Food/Drink Wristband


*Pre-register by July 8th for $25 and to guarantee your free Tour de Cahaba T - Shirt. Register after July 8th for $30.

*Kids 5 and under ride, eat and drink for free. T-shirt not included. No registration needed for kids 5 and under.

What time does it start?

7:00 am for the 34, 45 and 65-mile riders. 

9:00 am for the slow roll and the 10-mile riders.

How do I get a free t-shirt?

Anyone who pre-registers by July 8th, will get a free Tour de Cahaba T-shirt. If we have any left over we will be selling them for $10 at the event.

What is the route?

Strava Routes 
65 Mile Route Map45 Mile Route Map34 Mile Route Map10 Mile Route MapSlow Roll Route Map

Ride With GPS Routes 
65 Mile Route Map, 45 Mile Route Map, 34 Mile Route Map

10 Mile Route Map

Is the route marked?

Yes, we spend several hours  thoroughly  marking the course with high viability orange spray paint. This marking is done the week before the ride. HOWEVER..rain, sun, and traffic tends to fade the paint quickly...so some arrows may be harder to see than others. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND grabbing a Q sheet at the start of the ride and/or downloading the strava or ride with GPS file to your phone or GPS device that we have provided in this FAQ. 

What is the average speed?

This is a ride, not a race. There will be several different groups at several different paces. However, we will have cut-off times at the rest stops (per store) just to simply prevent a really long day waiting for riders to arrive. We do recommend that any rider on the 70 mile route to be able to maintain at least 13 mph average. Those doing the 10, 34 or 45 mile routes need not worry about pace or speed.

What is the distance?

There are 5 options: 65, 45, 34, 10, and a “Slow Roll” family ride.

Are there any cut-off times at the rest stops?

yes. 65 mile riders will need to arrive at the heights store(rest stop #2) by 10:00am in order to receive sag support for the remainder of the ride from Heights to  Trussville back to Homewood. 

The after party usually wraps up around 1:00 (6 hours after the 7:00 start) We do keep up with how many riders are still out on the course (via our SAG vehicles) after 12:30 and try to have ample food and drink when they arrive...however there is a limit as to how long we can wait to begin breaking down the event and cleaning up. 

Is the route hilly?

Why of course! We are in the beautiful Appalachian foothills...there are hills but no mountains.

What is the slow roll ride?

This is an easy family fun ride with a ride leader. There is no charge for this ride unless you would like lunch and t-shirt. All ages welcome (even baby seats and trailers). It will be a short ride through Homewood with a popsicle stop! Distance will be around 5 miles with opportunities to shorten the route if you need to.

Will there be support?

Yes…and lots of it. We will have 3 SAG vehicles as well as huge, well-stocked rest stops at each Cahaba Cycles location with lots of food/drink..even ice cold wash cloths! Slow Roll ride will not have SAG vehicle support…but if help is needed a vehicle can be sent over.

Are there going to be rest stops?

Yes…each Cahaba location is a rest stop. There will also be a self - serve water stop at the corner of Highway 78 and Floyd Bradford.

What is going on after the Ride?

Party at the Homewood store back parking lot. Good People Beer, cokes, kids drinks, BBQ, veggie pizza (for vegetarians only), live music, shade, cooling fans, and a bunch of cool folks to hang out with. 

Will there be bottled water provided at the event?

No. In an attempt to reduce our plastic use, we are asking everyone to please fill up your existing bottles. We will have plenty of ice water stations. Please just refill your permanent bottle and #passonplastic

Will the roads be closed?

No, unfortunately we don’t have the budget to close the roads. However, we have carefully selected the roads that we feel are as safe and low-traffic as possible. And we will be supporting with SAG vehicles. We will also provide corking (un-official traffic halting) of traffic for the intersections at Lakeshore/Green Springs to try and keep the group together before heading up Berry Rd.

How many participants are there?

Approx 500 - 600 riders

Will the stores be open for business at each rest stop?


What if it's raining at start time?

This is a rain or shine event. We may postpone the start time if need be. There will be no refunds if a registrant chooses not to come due to weather.

Any other questions?

Please call one of our 4 locations or email faris@cahabacycles.com

Homewood (205) 879-3244
Cahaba Heights (205) 967-2003
Oak Mountain (205) 987-4043
Trussville (205) 655-6090